Sunday, 29 December 2013

Adjusting to a New Life

       Having picked up Teddy from her previous owner we realized that this will be her third home in just over a year. Now for a cat that is a lot of inconsistency in their life and a huge break from their daily routine in a place that was previously familiar. However, when we introduced Teddy to our Condo she was pretty quiet, but spent a lot of her time investigating every inch of her new home, making sure it meets or exceeds her standard of elegance. She did not show much in the way of being upset or distressed with another change in her life, but I think there was a good reason for this; for the first time she was not secluded to a small space to be used for breeding or in a house full of other animals where she was being constantly picked on, in fact it completely the opposite. She now possessed all 750 square feet of her new Queendom and there was no other animal to pick on her. Despite having all of these new luxuries Teddy for the next little while had found her favourite spot, sleeping under the bed. But could you blame her? After having an obviously tough first five years who wouldn't want some peace and quite, finally?!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Getting to Know Teddy

    There are two factors that ultimately led us to getting a cat. The first was deciding on how practical it would be trying to raise a dog on the second floor of a condo and the fact that we would have to get a really small dog, that being the case we may as well get a cat. The second factor was once when we were at my parents place we thought we came across what we thought was a rag doll (although we were way off) at the time and we couldn't believe how friendly the cat was.

    So began our quest looking for a rag doll cat. Soon enough we had found a cat on Kijiji. The owner was trying to find a better home for her cat because Teddy's living situation was not very good. Teddy was living in a house with six other animals and due to her nature she was very passive and not good at defending herself. She was constantly picked on without the means to hold her own ground. So we decided it was our duty to save Teddy from this situation. Prior to living with her current owner we were told that Teddy was used for breeding the first four years of her life but never had a litter and at that time she was living in very cramped conditions. So the owner we were picking Teddy up from took her from her friend to try and give Teddy a better life, unfortunately after a year it wasn't working out the best for Teddy and then that's where we come in Teddy's fifth yer.

     An hour and half drive later we pick up Teddy and we officially have our first pet together. We were told that she doesn't play at all and only likes to look out windows, but soon enough as Teddy adjusted to her new world of freedom we would see her grow into the playful diva with those beautiful blue eyes we come to now so well.

Classic Teddy Chicken Leg Pose.

An old favourite sleeping spot in the bathroom sink.

Teddy  showing what she's got.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Teddy and Tucker who are they?

     Teddy and Tucker are two unique cats that we have had the great fortune of having them join our family. We did not get them both at the same time or as kittens, but at different stages in their lives and both have equally unique backgrounds before they crossed our path.

      Below is a picture of Both Teddy and Tucker and how they now feel about each other, it wasn't always this way, but we will get there eventually.