Sunday, 12 January 2014

Poor Tucker Boy

Here is a picture of Tucker boy with a tube in the side of his face to help drain fluid as he heals.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Meet Murphy Dawg!!!

At this point in time I would like to take a break from Teddy and Tucker and introduce you to Murphy Dawg, he lives in Ontario in the house that I grew up in. He is now 11 years and still going strong. In truth I am by nature a dog person but with a dog like this who wouldn't be. Murphy is certainly a one in a million kind of dog with all the the possible traits of a human while being in dog form. He's one handsome devil.

Cats have nine lives: Part Two

A little while after Tuckers owners (at the time) got back to us on facebook trying to understand what just happened, as it definitely was overwhelming to process all the information we were telling them while they were on vacation. Two days later I picked them up from the airport and on the drive home I was able to fully explain what happened. After I explained everything they asked if we wanted Tucker. Without hesitation, I said yes, we would love to have him. There was a few reasons why this happened. Firstly, the clear affection we had for Tucker was quite evident, all by accident of course. Secondly, he was having a bit of a go with the dogs in the house so it wasn't always a comfortable place for him. Lastly, his services as an organic mouse hunter were no longer required. Now it may seem like Tucker wasn't appreciated by his current owners at that time since it seemed rather easy for them to give him away, but there is also an extremely important side story to note about Tucker. When our friends were looking on Kijiji for cats (as a possible solution for their mouse problems) they stumbled across Tuckers ad, it was the saddest thing ever written. It simply stated: if no one picks up Tucker then they would dump him off at the side of the road in the country to be left to his own devices. Choked by the fact that someone would write that as their pitch motivated them to pick tucker up and save him from this possible fate. Although they may not have necessarily wanted him as they were dog lovers, they were more importantly animal lovers first and the thought of what might become of tucker did not sit well with them. When they offered tucker to us it really wasn't as simple, 'hey want a cat'? It was knowing that he was going to go to a new home much more suited him for and they could also have a clear conscious knowing that the people they were about to give him to would take excellent care of poor Tucker. So this is how we ended up with cat #2.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Play Time

A quick break from the Tuckers story from some play time.

Cats do have nine lives: FACT

        While we were staying at our friends place during the flood they had a trip planed prior to our arrival to do some cruising on the west coast of the States. So as an added benefit of us staying there we were able to look after the animals for them, they also had two dogs, one of which was in rough shape at the time and needed daily medication. This made things easier for them as they did not have to find a pet sitter.

        After a couple of days everything was fine, the animals were happy, until we noticed a large lump behind Tuckers right ear which really looked like swelling from having hit his head on something. Tucker really liked to climb up high into impossible spaces that did not even make sense how he got to where he was.Initially we didn't think too much about it or were too worried. I had investigated it a little bit but found no signs of an open wound or infection.

        The next day I went downstairs to look for him and noticed by his food bowl drops of blood that looked infected. Instantly I realized that that the swelling behind his ear which was easily the size of your thumbnail had ruptured, most likely from him scratching it. I frantically started looking for where he could be, my biggest fear was that he might have been outside. He never left far from the house but to find him would be almost impossible. However, I found him on the chair under the dining room table and there he was sitting with blood by his right ear and looking really defeated. I picked him up and saw the puncture wound from him scratching and the massive amount of blood, grey matter and infection just oozing out. I quickly call Nicole for help. She grabs wet towels so I can clean around the wound. As I keep cleaning and trying to push out all of the fluid, it just wouldn't stop coming out. That's when I realized what was happening was really serious and we had to take him to the vet STAT, if he was to have a chance.

      We crate him up and get him to the vet right away. When we get there, we were told that we couldn't put him under our friends account because of billing purposes without their permission. So we simply ask if we can make an account for ourselves as that seemed like an easy solution to the problem. With that problem solved, the vet takes him in to examine the situation. After some while she comes back to say that the infection had gone done into his muscle and was killing it, effectively he his muscle was necrotic.

       We had asked how it was possible that this happened so fast, since the day before and less than 12 hours prior to we had noticed no swelling, to it having exploded? She explained that outdoor cats if they get into cat fights get a lot of cuts and since their claws are not very clean that would cause an infection to fester underneath the skin as the cut healed. This made a lot of sense as a couple of days prior to we had heard a violent cat fight and the next day Tucker came into the house limping extremely bad.

       After sorting out everything and finding out the cost we tried to get a hold of our friends in the States to see what they wanted to do. However we were unable to contact them and knew without immediate care that he was not going to make it. So we gave the go ahead for Tucker to enter Surgery and have the necrotic tissue removed and along with the infection cleaned out. Hours and hours later we get the call that we can pick up poor Tucker and take him home. He was going to be just fine, but he would need a couple of weeks to heal.

Below are pictures of Tucker with his cone as his stitches healed. There is one without his cone. I would take his cone off every now and then as he truly hated having it on.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Magic Day

Before continuing with Tuckers story, I thought it would be important to share what kind of day Teddy is having and it is magical!!!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Tucker Boy

    Its time to get to know Tucker a little bit. Tucker entered our lives about 8 months after we first got Teddy, but Tucker was not an intentional find, in fact he belonged to good friends of ours who put us up for a month after our honeymoon in Europe because we were still flooded out from the major flood that hit Calgary.
    Our friends originally got Tucker because they had a bit of a mouse problem in their home and what better way than having a cat to solve that problem? How we ended up receiving Tucker from our friends is a story in itself. I can tell you that it was all in the best interest of Tucker and that it may have also had to do with the fact that we loved him a little bit a lot and also because of his near death experience. These factors colliding all at the same time would be the cause of Tucker finding a new home with us. This will be explained in more detail in the next few posts.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Post New Years Party

Teddy and Tucker know how to party in the new year!!!